崟利子 TAKASHI Toshiko


Born in Osaka and currently lives in Itami, Hyogo Prefecture. Takashi Toshiko worked as an assistant director on Fukuda Katsuhiko’s Higashi-Kurume, a Living Town in 1990. She was the director of the Tokyo Lesbian and Gay Film Festival in 1992 and 1993. She then wrote film and music reviews for various publications and made personal documentaries before completing Ode I and Oishi Apartments, Nishi-Tengachaya in 1998. After making Blessed (2001, winner of the Special Mention Award at the Nyon International Documentary Film Festival), she has continued to shoot films primarily focused on familiar landscapes. Recent films include Walk Slowly (2021) and Jibun, Maru! Ippo no Hanashi (2023).