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TAKASHI Toshiko New Documentary—I Walk Slow

2/16/2024 15:00 - 17:00 2/17/2024 14:00 - 16:00

Tokyo Photographic Art Museum 1F Hall

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TAKASHI Toshiko New Documentary—<i>I Walk Slow</i>

I Walk Slow, 2022 / 88 min. / Dialogues in Japanese

Kawamura Namiko, a dancer who has continued the act of “walking slowly,” has been familiar with dance since childhood. While studying body theory at university with a focus on creative dance, she began her “perceptual act” at Kujukuri Beach in 1974. While working as a physical education teacher, Kawamura expanded her activities overseas. After participating in a workshop held in 1982 by Anna Halprin, a pioneer of postmodern dance, she became convinced of the possibility of expression through the body and established her own dance form, the action of “walking slowly” in the nude. This film follows Kawamura, who has gradually resumed her activities in recent years after a period of inactivity due to illness, and brings to light the life of an expressive artist whose work is linked to the memory of war.

2.16 Fri. 15:00–
2.17 Sat. 14:00– / Q&A session: TAKASHI Toshiko
Venue: Tokyo Photographic Art Museum 1F Hall
Ticket: ¥800 [advance] / ¥1,000 [door]


崟利子《ゆっくりあるく》 TAKASHI Toshiko, <i>I Walk Slow</i>

TAKASHI Toshiko, I Walk Slow

2022 / 88 min. / Dialogues in Japanese