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ENDO Maiko, X

2/4/2022 - 2/20/2022 (updated once a day, live from 11:00 on the last day.)


ENDO Maiko, <em>X</em>

ENDO Maiko, X, Online film ©Maiko Endo

In this project, filmmaker Endo Maiko shows an online movie throughout the duration of the festival. The human “mind” – it has no substance, and no-one knows where exactly it is. The “mind” is for us a thing that we cherish, even though we don’t know a thing about it. In this work, the artist explores the whereabouts of her own “mind” by filming and editing subjects that were “naturally” chosen by that “mind” of hers. The storyline for this film doesn’t yet exist. Will the artist’s “mind” compose one, as she continues her random shootings day after day? And if it does, how will that story affect the “minds” of those who watch and try to interpret it? We will find out in this online experiment.

Admission: Free to watch on the YouTube channel (updated once a day), 1,500 yen for the live broadcast from 11am Japan time on Sunday 20 February 2022.

*Advanced tickets and reservations available from: January 28, 2022

The landing page is here.


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Online Film X Credits

Director/Camera/Editor/Sound Editor: Maiko Endo

Producers: Tomo Suzuki, Maiko Endo

Music: Takashi Hattori, DJ Sotofett

Re-recording Mixer: Naoko Asari

Technical Artist: Fumihiko Kamemura

Cast: Keito Yagi and others


Website Designer: METAPHOR Project

Project Organize Coordinator: Kumiko Idaka

Streaming Technical Cooperation: Nekojarashi Inc.


Planning: Yebisu International Festival for Art and Alternative Visions / Tokyo Photographic Art Museum


Special Thanks: All Green Inc., Benjamin Crotty, Hiroaki Hotta, Anda Itoi, SI, Tokyo Location Box, Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Public Health, Tokyo Metropolitan Medical Botanical Gardens


©︎Maiko Endo/Tokyo Photographic Art Museum


Online Film All Credits