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2/2/2024 - 2/18/2024

Tokyo Photographic Art Museum 2F Exhibition Gallery

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Spice Girls, 2020, oil on canvas

The paintings, drawings, and objects Hasegawa creates based on existing images of idols, celebrities, and logos yield a witty and refreshing sensation through her masterful selection and combination of materials and words, while also generating memories of images shared by people of that time and period. Her new work newjeans (2024) is a portrait of a contemporary pop icon lost in the Rococo period, while in Girl’s Power+1 (2021) a figure of Britney Spears dances under the title “Girl Power.” Images of idols that have been seared into people’s minds are transformed into questions essential in art concerning virtual and real, genuine and fake, true and false—questions that such iconic images are filled with.

Dates: February 2 – 18, 2024, 10:00–20:00 (Until 18:00 on the final day)
Closed on Mondays [Please note the exhibition is open on Monday, February 12 but closed on Tuesday, February 13]
Venue: Tokyo Photographic Art Museum 2F Exhibition Gallery