長谷川友香 HASEGAWA Yuka


Born 1981 in Mie Prefecture, Hasegawa Yuka currently lives and works in Kanagawa Prefecture. She graduated with an M.A. from Tama Art University in 2007. She creates drawings, paintings, and sculptures from motifs such as characters, celebrities, and corporate logos. By cutting and combining motifs in her own unique way, she attempts to create new perspectives. Major solo exhibitions include “Woman with a Pearl Earring” (The Steak House Doskoi, Tokyo, 2020), “FAKE3 Yuka Hasegawa” (June Art Fair, online, 2020), “Pop Up ‘Artist Running’ #1 Yuka Hasegawa ‘FAKE4’ by XYZ collective” (void+eaves, Tokyo, 2020), and “Boys, Girls and Cats” (XYZ collective, Tokyo, 2021) among others.