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Animation? Technology? – DigiCon6 ASIA

2/8/2023 15:00- 2/11/2023 11:00- 2/14/2023 18:00-

Tokyo Photographic Art Museum 1F Hall

Animation? Technology? – DigiCon6 ASIA

KANEKO Isaku, Magnified City, 2022 / 11 min. 34 sec.

This special program features a selection of works from the 24th edition of “DigiCon6 ASIA” (hosted by TBS), which started in 2000 as the largest short movie contest in Asia with the aim to discover and foster talented next-generation video creators. Chosen were eleven powerful movies that showcase the latest activities of creators from seven regions across the Asian continent, to take the audience on a journey beyond the limits of space and time. It is a journey of imagination, from Asia around the world and into the future, showing us places we won’t forget, and stories we must not forget. Welcome to the expressive and colorful world of short movies. (Yamada Aki)

Guest programmer: YAMADA Aki (festival director, DigiCon6 ASIA)
Link program: DigiCon6 ASIA

2.8 Wed. 15:00–
2.11 Sat. 11:00–
2.14 Tue. 18:00– Q&A session: YAMADA Aki, KANEKO Isaku, SAKIMURA Sorao
Venue: Tokyo Photographic Art Museum 1F Hall
Ticket: ¥800 [advance] / ¥1,000 [door]


ロヤ・サリミ《Soo》 Roya SALIMI, <em>Soo</em>

Roya SALIMI, Soo

2022 / 6 min. 41 sec.

木原正天《ときめく良太》 KIHARA Masataka, <em>Ryota</em>

KIHARA Masataka, Ryota

2022 / 4 min. 15 sec. / Dialogue in Japanese

﨑村宙央《The Swamp (All That I Can't Leave Behind)》 SAKIMURA Sorao, <em>The Swamp (All That I Can't Leave Behind)</em>

SAKIMURA Sorao, The Swamp (All That I Can't Leave Behind)

2022 / 12 min. 28 sec.

大柴拓《音楽劇「救世主うたのお姉さん」》 OSHIBA Taku, <em>Diva the Savior</em>

OSHIBA Taku, Diva the Savior

2022 / 9 min. 21 sec. / Dialogue in Japanese (with Japanese subtitles)

ムン・スジン《Persona》 Sujin MOON, <em>Persona</em>

Sujin MOON, Persona

2022 / 6 min. 45 sec.

シャー・フェイ《It》 Fei XIA, <em>It</em>

Fei XIA, It

2021 / 6 min. 41 sec.

ウィン・ヤン・リリアン・フー《My Dear Son》 Wing Yan Lilian FU, <em>My Dear Son</em>

Wing Yan Lilian FU, My Dear Son

2022 / 8 min. 55 sec.

許煒《薄明》 XU Wei, <em>Before dawn</em>

XU Wei, Before dawn

2022 / 6 min. 50 sec.

西野朝来《nowhere》 NISHINO Asaki, <em>nowhere</em>

NISHINO Asaki, nowhere

2022 / 7 min. 31 sec. / Dialogue in Japanese

金子勲矩《Magnified City》 KANEKO Isaku, <em>Magnified City</em>

KANEKO Isaku, Magnified City

2022 / 11min. 34 sec.

ン・カイ・チョン&ステップシー《Everywhere》 NG Kai Chung & Step C, <em>Everywhere</em>

NG Kai Chung & Step C, Everywhere

2022 / 9 min. 25 sec.