Is the Tokyo Photographic Art Museum the festival venue?
The Yebisu International Festival for Art & Alternative Visions 2023 takes place at the TOP Museum (all parts of the building) and various other venues across the Ebisu area. The program encompasses exhibitions, screenings, symposia and live events at the Yebisu Garden Place Center Square, galleries and cultural facilities, and various other places in the Museum’s neighborhood.

The festival started off at the TOP Museum as its sole venue. However, based on the idea to emphasize the festival’s position and connection to the surrounding area of Ebisu, the network was gradually expanded with each edition of the festival. Affiliated programs and stamp (seal) rallies around the different venues are offered as additional opportunities for visitors to enjoy an even greater number of artworks. Those who collect seals at the venues will receive a nice souvenir (while supplies last).


Isn’t the Yebisu International Festival for Art & Alternative Visions a film festival?
The Yebisu International Festival for Art & Alternative Visions has been hosted by a museum as a stage for all kinds of creative works that incorporate video/imagery, in formats ranging from movie and photography, to sculpture, performance, and other visual arts. The diverse daily programs include video works by contemporary artists, experimental films, documentary and animated movies. With outdoor installations, seated indoor screenings, live music and other stage performances, viewing styles vary as well. The basic idea is to convey that “imagery comes in different shapes and colors,” and to share this perception with everyone who comes to the festival. Hence we don’t call it just a “film festival.”

About the Festival

What kinds of works by what kinds of artists are on display?
The program encompasses an array of works by movie directors, contemporary artists, video artists, photographers, performance artists, dancers, etc. from Japan and abroad. Participants range from internationally operating artists and award winners at fairs and festivals like the Venice Biennale or Cannes Film Festival, to lesser known independent creators who pursue their own unique artistic styles.


I am planning to visit the Yebisu International Festival for Art & Alternative Visions for the first time, and I wonder if I will enjoy the program…

With several admission-free programs, the festival offers plenty of opportunities also for first-timers to enjoy. Take your time, see what you like, and discover works and artists that you can connect to casually. If you end up wanting to know more, there are numerous talk and Q&A sessions, workshops, and other occasions to participate in and learn more about the works from their respective creators or programmers.

After your visit to the TOP Museum, it is your choice whether you prefer to relax at the cafes and shops inside the building or in the surrounding Yebisu Garden Place area, or dive deeper into the festival program by touring around the affiliated venues in the neighborhood.