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Films by IGUCHI Nami [2] Inuneko (8mm) + Somebody to Sing over Me

2/9/2023 15:00-※8ミリ上映 2/18/2023 18:30-※デジタル上映

Tokyo Photographic Art Museum 1F Hall

Films by IGUCHI Nami [2] <em>Inuneko (8mm)</em> + <em>Somebody to Sing over Me</em>

IGUCHI Nami, Inuneko (8mm), 2000 / 84 min. / Dialogues in Japanese

With works like Don’t Laugh at My Romance or The Tale of Nishino, filmmaker IGUCHI Nami created much talked-about movies that delicately portray complex feelings between human individuals. Presented at the Yebisu lnternational Festival for Art & Alternative Visions 2023 is a special program of new and older works that convey Iguchi’s drive and passion toward filmmaking. In addition to a showcase of recent works that mark the director’s first attempt in the documentary genre (IGUCHI Nami [1]), the program also includes screenings of early efforts such as Iguchi’s first directed movie (IGUCHI Nami [2]).

Inuneko (8mm) is Iguchi’s first, self-produced movie. It tells the story of Yoko and Suzu, two women who are childhood friends but don’t really get along well. The two of them start living together at the place of Yoko’s friend Abe, who asked her to take care of his house while he is away studying in China. Suzu eventually meets Mitaka, a man Yoko has special feelings for, and when she invites him to her room, trouble is on its way…  In Somebody to Sing over Me, Iguchi combines a story about coincidences in everyday life, human emotions, and singing, into a short movie that abundantly showcases the appeal of the filmmaker’s work.

[Inuneko (8mm) is shown as an 8 mm film on February 9th, and as a digital version on February 18th.]

2.9 Thu. 15:00–※8mm
2.18 Sat. 18:30–※digital
Venue: Tokyo Photographic Art Museum 1F Hall
Ticket: ¥800 [advance] / ¥1,000 [door]




井口奈己《だれかが歌ってる》 IGUCHI Mami, <em>Somebody to Sing over Me</em>

IGUCHI Mami, Somebody to Sing over Me

2019 / 30 min. / Dialogues in Japanese (with English subtitles)

井口奈己《犬猫(8mm)》 IGUCHI Nami, <em>Dogs & Cats | Inuneko (8mm)</em>

IGUCHI Nami, Dogs & Cats | Inuneko (8mm)

2004 / 84 min. / Dialogue in Japanese


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