YEBIZO MEETS Educational Program Free

Spectacular Workshop with PANTOGRAPH

2/12/2022 13:30-17:00

Tokyo Photographic Art Museum 1F Studio

Spectacular Workshop with PANTOGRAPH

Participants in this fun workshop with PANTOGRAPH, one of the exhibiting artists this year, will learn how to build handmade animation devices, and familiarize with the mechanisms of animation. The idea of the program is to deepen through their creative experience the participants’ understanding of imagery, and inspire them to rediscover the fun of the festival while moving their own hands and bodies.

Lecturer: INOUE Hiroyuki [PANTOGRAPH] (exhibiting artist)
Dates: 2022.2.12 Sat. 13:30-17:00 
Venue: Tokyo Photographic Art Museum 1F Studio
Admission: Free (advance registration required)
Participants: Anyone from 3rd grade on up
Capacity: 15 people

*This workshop is only available in Japanese.



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