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2/2/2024 - 2/18/2024

Tokyo Photographic Art Museum B1F Exhibition Gallery

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TSUCHIYA Nobuko, Installation view, Matsumoto Architecture + Art Festival, 2022
Photo: Kazumi Kiuchi

30 Ways To Go To The Moon (2024), from which the theme of this year’s Yebisu International Festival for Art & Alternative Visions originates, is the title of Tsuchiya Nobuko’s ongoing installation. Sometimes set aside in her studio for long periods, or combined in different ways to traverse the time and place where they were found, the discarded materials Tsuchiya uses are found in various parts of the world and could at times be mistaken for waste. But it is the artist’s very same intuition that repeatedly creates, disassembles, and recreates these materials into poetic, organic sculptures with a narrative quality. The process can be likened to a chemical experiment transcending the concept of time and the nature of materials, while simultaneously reflecting an inner dialogue between the artist and materials. Drifting in this way between various sensibilities and feelings, Tsuchiya’s works are liberated from interpretation by language and theory, concealing unlimited potential to transcend our imaginations.

Dates: February 2 – 18, 2024, 10:00–20:00 (Until 18:00 on the final day)
Closed on Mondays [Please note the exhibition is open on Monday, February 12 but closed on Tuesday, February 13]
Venue: Tokyo Photographic Art Museum B1F Exhibition Gallery