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Photonic Life / Naoaki Fujimoto

2/2/2024 - 2/29/2024

Tue – Fri 11:00–18:00, Sat, Sun & hol 10:00–17:00


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Photonic Life / Naoaki Fujimoto

Naoaki Fujimoto, Immersive Shadow: Bubbles, 2021 [related image]

This work expresses “photonic life.” Upon entering the space of the work, people and objects become brightly illuminated, and the lights begin to move as if they were living creatures. These lights set in motion appear to have a will of their own, acting as if interacting with the surrounding environment.

Date: February 2 – 29, 2024
Tue – Fri 11:00–18:00, Sat, Sun & hol 10:00–17:00
Venue: KAGEOKA NO IE (4-5-15 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo)
Admission: Free
Closed: Mon, February 11
Tel: 03-6455-7835

Supported by RENBLOCK, Tokyo Polytechnic University, Department of Interactive Media, Software Design Lab.