Mountain / Full Edition is a band that formed in 2013. Currently consisting of members Imai Kentaro, Yabuuchi Misako, and Kiuchi Hitomi, the band’s activities are centered on music while incorporating performing art, lighting, and video. In their commitment to a range of individual and social activities not limited only to art and culture, they focus on various events while working to blur boundaries with the aim of giving back to the arts and other fields. For this exhibition, they will present a live performance with guests including artists Takekawa Nobuaki, Tang Dixin, Shimizu Miho, Ito Zon, Tang Ting from the Chinese band, Absolute Purity and a choreographer, Yamanaka Mei. Major activities include Counterflows (Scotland, 2022), Yokohama Triennale 2020, and Ashiya City Museum of Art and History (2016) among others.


“The Floating Insomnia Puzzle Room”, 2022, PV shooting

Photo: Miho Shimizu