斉藤綾子(ゲスト・スピーカー) SAITO Ayako (guest speaker)

SAITO Ayako (guest speaker)

Professor at the Department of Art Studies, Faculty of Letters, Meiji Gakuin University in Tokyo, Japan, specializing in film studies. Published writings include “Hitchcock’s Trilogy: A Logic of Mise-en-Scène” (Endless Night: Cinema and Psychoanalysis, Parallel Histories, 1999), “Reading as Woman: The Collaboration of Ayako Wakao and Masumura Yasuzo” (Reclaiming the Archive: Feminism and Film Theory, 2010), “Occupation and Memory: The Representation of Woman’s Body in Postwar Japanese Cinema” (The Oxford Handbook of Japanese Cinema, 2014), and “Kinuyo and Sumie: When Women Write and Direct” (Tanaka Kinuyo: Nation, Stardom and Female Subjectivity, 2018), and “Shiraito Redux: Text, Body, Desire from Kyoka to Mizoguchi” (A Companion to Japanese Cinema, 2022).