リッスン・トゥ・ザ・シティ Listen to the City

Listen to the City

Listen to the City is an art, urbanism, and research collective that started in 2009. It consists of urban researchers, designers, architects, filmmakers, and activists. Its membership is flexible and open. The director of the team, Eunseon Park, studied art and urban planning, and one of the leading members, Hyunwook, is an anti-gentrification activist. They have been collaborating with graphic designers, including Choong-Geun Yoon, Cheol-Hun Paik, Young-Hun Jeong, Ahju Kwon, Hanseul Wang, Soo-Jeong Kwon, Jin Yeol Jung, and Static, the art and architecture collective based in Liverpool, UK. Listen to the City began its creative activities by asking questions regarding environmental and social irresponsibility and the destruction of cultural diversity—problems linked to the excessive development of Korea. Since 2009, the group has published an alternative urban and architectural magazine called Urban Drawings.

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