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2.5D and Live-action Animation

2/7/2023 15:00 2/8/2023 18:00- 2/12/2023 11:00- 2/16/2023 18:00-

Tokyo Photographic Art Museum 1F Hall

2.5D and Live-action Animation

NIIYA Naoyuki, OTOHIME20000, 2019 / 35 min. 30 sec.

Animations, consisting of single stationary images that together create a sensation of movement, are today incorporated in a wide range of works and products, spanning such diverse fields as art, entertainment, advertising and others. This program focuses on short animations made by various techniques, including “2.5D animations” that appear more three-dimensional when watched with one eye closed; time-lapse or multiple exposure photography using 16mm film; or switching between freehand animation and one-frame, live-action footage. Exploring the mechanisms behind the respective works in this program, will shed light on the present state of imagery at large.

2.7 Tue. 15:00–
2.8 Wed. 18:00–
2.12 Sun. 11:00– w/ Q&A session: ISOBE Shinya, NIITA Naoyuki (online)
2.16 Thu. 18:00–
Venue: Tokyo Photographic Art Museum 1F Hall
Ticket: ¥800 [advance] / ¥1,000 [door]


最後の手段《深山にて》 Saigo no Shudan, <em>At Deep Mountain</em>

Saigo no Shudan, At Deep Mountain

2012 / 9 min. 44 sec.

磯部真也《EDEN》 ISOBE Shinya, <em>EDEN</em>


2011 / 15min. 20 sec. / Dialogue in Japanese

磯部真也《For rest》 ISOBE Shinya, <em>For rest</em>

ISOBE Shinya, For rest

2017 / 16 min. 29 sec. / Dialogue in Japanese

磯部真也《13》 ISOBE Shinya, <em>13</em>

ISOBE Shinya, 13

2020 / 10 min. / Dialogue in Japanese

にいやなおゆき《乙姫二万年破魔矢》 NIIYA Naoyuki, <em>The Tiny Hunter and the Giant Rat: Back to Otohime 20000</em>

NIIYA Naoyuki, The Tiny Hunter and the Giant Rat: Back to Otohime 20000

2022 / 3 min.10 sec. / Dialogue in Japanese

にいやなおゆき《乙姫二万年》 NIIYA Naoyuki, <em>OTOHIME20000</em>

NIIYA Naoyuki, OTOHIME20000

2019 / 35 min. 30 sec. / Dialogue in Japanese