The Commission Project Special Award Winners Announced

Kim Insook and Yu Araki

We are pleased to announce the special award winners of the Commission Project Awards of the Festival.

Yebisu International Festival for Art & Alternative Visions 2023 launched the “Commission Project,” for which four Japan-based artists are selected to create and present commissioned video works for the Festival. Yu Araki, Hayama Rei, Kim Insook, and Oki Hiroyuki were chosen from approximately 300 up-and-coming artists, by a team of expert judges from Japan and abroad, and each of them is currently showing their new work at the Tokyo Photographic Art Museum’s exhibition room on the 3rd floor.

On February 17, the symposium “Commission Project: Possibilities in Commissioned Work and Imagery” was held by the project jury at the museum, and the “Commission Project Special Award” was presented to Yu Araki and Kim Insook.

The Commission Project Exhibition will be on view through March 26, following the Festival until February 19.

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