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WOW Motion Modality / Layer

2/4/2022 - 2/20/2022 10:00-20:00 (closed 2.7 Mon., 2.14 Mon; until 18:00 on the final day)

Center Square of Yebisu Garden Place

WOW Motion Modality / Layer

WOW, Motion Modality / Layer, [related image]

Motion Modality / Layer Monument

While many of them communicate information loudly by provoking people’s interest with flickering lights, WOW explores motion graphics in public spaces.

The melted motion modality blends freely into spaces and objects, looking as if it has become a part of the environment while the reflection of light and shades mix softly.

From two-dimensional graphics to graphics of flexible shapes. From strongly illuminating graphics that directly catch the eyes to soft graphics in which light diffracts objects. From vivid high-resolution graphics to ambiguous graphics not focused on the resolution…

The monument creates modalities that resemble natural phenomena such as the ever-changing atmosphere of the sunset, clouds, and wavering light passing through the trees in summer.

Basic design/Visual design: WOW 
Monument Detail design/Construction: waki process inc.
System Design/Equipment: Color Kinetics Japan Inc.

Date: 2022.2.4 Fri. – 2.20 Sun. *Closed 2.7 Mon., 2.14 Mon.
Time: 10:00-20:00 (until 18:00 on the final day)
Venue: Center Square of Yebisu Garden Place
Admission: Free