Special Talk Session Free

YEBIZO MEETS + Vitality.Swiss Collaboration Exhibition
A Paradigm Shift in Creativity – Automated Photography as Reference Point

2/5/2023 11:00-13:00

Tokyo Photographic Art Museum 1F Hall

The collaboration exhibition ”Automated Photography” was initiated by the ECAL/University of Art and Design Lausanne as a project focusing on the relationship between art and technology, as in computer generated imagery (CGI) and other images generated based on machine learning or photogrammetry, and discuss the creative possibilities while outlining critical viewpoints. Clément Lambelet from ECAL, who both participated in this project, explain their respective views in detail, and discuss with further guest speakers the various creative possibilities that automatized computer vision has been fertilizing. (Japanese-English interpretation available)

Clément LAMBELET (Visual Artist /Artistic deputy at ECAL)
KOYAMA Taisuke (Photographer / Founder, Tokyo Photographic Research Project)
SAITO Seiichi (President of Panoramatiks, Artist, Creative Director, Vitality.Swiss Program Ambassador)
SHIKATA Yukiko (Curator / Critic)

Jonas PULVER (Head of Communications & Culture, Embassy of Switzerland in Japan)

2.5 Sun. 11:00–13:00
Venue: Venue: Tokyo Photographic Art Museum 1F Hall (capacity: 190 persons)
Admission free
Numbered tickets are available from 10:00 AM  on the day at the 1F Information Desk.

*This program has ended. The recorded video can be viewed below.


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