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Tokyo International Deaf Film Festival―The Visual Intellect 2023 [2]
FUKAGAWA Katsuzo, Takibi

2/5/2023 18:00-

Tokyo Photographic Art Museum 1F Hall

Tokyo International Deaf Film Festival―The Visual Intellect 2023 [2]<br>FUKAGAWA Katsuzo, <em>Takibi</em>

FUKAGAWA Katsuzo, Takibi, 1972 / 108min. / Silent / Dialogues in Japanese Sign Language (with Japanese subtitles)

This special program gathers four movies that have been previously shown at the Tokyo International Deaf Film Festival. Gifted deaf filmmaker FUKAGAWA Katsuzo’s human drama Takibi is set in Tokyo in the 1970s; LISTEN explores the music of deaf people; The Tanaka Family portrays the absurdities involved in family life; and TOTA is a road movie that follows a blind Indian candle maker and a deaf Japanese dancer on their journey. Each of these movies represents an attempt to reinterpret the world through the experience of new concepts and ideas informed by the perception and sensitivity of individuals who depend on their visual senses. (MAKIHARA Eri)

Organized by a team of both deaf and hearing persons, the Tokyo International Deaf Film Festival has been introducing outstanding medium and feature length movies related to deafness in one way or another. It has been held biennially since 2017. Takibi is a human drama by FUKAGAWA Katsuzo, a gifted, pioneering filmmaker in Japanese deaf cinema. It was edited and completed after Fukagawa’s death by director Odate Nobuhiro. Set in the 1970s, the movie tells the story of a young deaf man who moves from Hokkaido down to Tokyo. Even after meeting a deaf lady who polishes shoes for a living, he continues to struggle in both private and professional life. This portrait of family life touches on aspects of youth, conflict, and the development and independence of deaf people in the ‘70s.

Guest programmer: MAKIHARA Eri (Director of Tokyo International Deaf Film Festival, filmmaker)
Link program: Tokyo International Deaf Film Festival

Date: 2.5 Sun. 18:00– w/ Q&A session: Makihara Eri, Odate Nobuhiro (filmmaker)
Sign language interpretation will be provided for the Q&A session.
Venue: Tokyo Photographic Art Museum 1F Hall
Ticket: ¥800 [advance] / ¥1,000 [door]


深川勝三《たき火》 FUKAGAWA Katsuzo, <em>Takibi</em>

FUKAGAWA Katsuzo, Takibi

1972 / 108 min. / Silent film (with Japanese Sign Language, Japanese subtitles)




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