Review by Kiritori Mederu, Interview videos, Talk session videos and others.

*Contents and archives released after the Festival are compiled here.

REVIEW | Kiritori Mederu | Technology, historical awareness, and human individuals


INTERVIEW | The Artists Selected for Commissioned Project

Yu Araki, Hayama Rei, Kim Insook, and Oki Hiroyuki
*Dialogues in Japanese with English/Japanese subtitles



Interviewers:  Inoue Emiko, Nakanishi Kanako (subversive records)
(Guest programmers of “Art of the Motor: Selected Works of Peggy Ahwesh”)
*Dialogues in English with Japanese subtitles


TALK SESSION | Inesa Brašiškė, Lukas Brasiskis, and Tasaka Hiroko

Post-screening talk of the special screening program “100th Birthday Commemorative Program Jonas Mekas – Film Program in Three Chapters”
*With a consecutive interpretation in Japanese and English


TALK SESSION | Iguchi Nami, Kanai Kumiko, Kanai Mieko, and Tasaka Hiroko

Post-screening talk of the program “Films by Iguchi Nami [1] When Kids Make Movies
*Dialogues in Japanese


ARCHIVE | Talk Sessions on Highlights of the Festival

Archive of the live webcast program “Talk Sessions on Highlights of the Yebisu International Festival for Art & Alternative Visions 2023”
Guest: Makihara Eri (Guest programmer of “Tokyo International Deaf Film Festival―The Visual Intellect 2023, Director of Tokyo International Deaf Film Festival, Filmmaker)
*Dialogues in Japanese with Japanese subtitles by the UDTalk application