細倉真弓 HOSOKURA Mayumi


Born 1979 in Kyoto. Captures the ever-changing boundaries between the body and sexuality, humans and artifacts, organic and inorganic matter, in photographs and videos based on a tactile kind of visual perception. Graduated from the College of Letters, Ritsumeikan University, Department of Photography, Nihon University College of Art. Solo exhibitions include “Sen to Me” (Takuro Someya Contemporary Art, Tokyo, 2021), “New Skin” (mumei, Tokyo, 2019), and “Jubilee” (nomad nomad, Hong Kong, 2017). Her works are collected in books including New Skin (MACK, 2020), Jubilee (artbeat publishers, 2017), and transparency is the new mystery (MACK, 2016).

Photo by MINO Arata