Houxo QUE Houxo QUE

Houxo QUE

Born 1984 in Tokyo. Having encountered graffiti in his teens, Que began his artistic activities mainly on street walls, and from there, came to be known for his installations with fluorescent paintings and black light. He frequently also presents his creative process in the form of live painting shows. From 2012, Que started painting directly onto liquid-crystal displays. Solo exhibitions include “16,777,216 views,” “apple,” “Proxy” (Gallery Out of Place, Tokyo, 2015/2018/2020). Also featured at group exhibitions such as “Encounters” (ANB Tokyo, 2020), and “Reborn-Art Festival 2021-22” (Ishinomaki/Miyagi, and others, 2021-22).

Photo by TAKAGI Yuu