藤原邦一<span>(モデレーター)</span> FUJIWARA Kunikazu <span>(moderator)</span>

FUJIWARA Kunikazu (moderator)

President of FUJIWARA PRODUCE Co., Ltd. and a member of the Scientific and Cultural Committee of the Maison franco-japonaise. He has organized the Japan-France Cultural Lecture Series  such as “The Charm of Kyogen in France” by the Kyogen Master Ogasawara Tadashi, “Ripple Sound and Bachet Acoustic Sculpture in Paris” by Nagata Sachiko. Cooperated in the production of Koshino Junko’s ART no SHOW TERMINAL for the Setouchi Triennale 2022, organized the Japanese tour of “Beyond Cinema” by Octuor de France (2019), and is active in many other areas including brand consulting.