Programs with limited capacity, such as screenings and live performances,
require a ticket purchase.

Ticket sales open
at 10am on the 18th January, 2020.

  • Please refer to schedule for dates and times of each event.
  • Advance tickets can be purchased until noon on the day before the event.
  • Doors open 15 minutes prior to start of event. Entry in order of ticket number. Unreserved Seating. Tickets valid for one program only.
  • Please be sure to have a numbered advance ticket issued in advance and bring it to the venue when doors open.
  • So that any of the screenings and events may be enjoyed by more diverse audience, we offer free admission to accompanying preschoolers who can share the seat of an adult ticketholder. (Please note a separate ticket must be purchased for any preschooler who requires their own seat.)

How to Purchase
at Ticket PIA

1. Online at Ticket PIA (for both PC and mobile):

2. By telephone:

  • A 6-digit P-code is required when purchasing tickets.
  • Please collect your tickets before the ticket reservation expires. Reservations generally expire three days after the purchase dates, but more information will be provided at the time of booking.
  • For more information regarding telephone purchase charges please see

3. In person

Ticket PIA counters, 7-Eleven stores.



Tokyo Photographic Art Museum, 1F Hall / 190 seats

P-code: 763-340

Ticket for one screening

¥550 (adv.) ¥1,100 (door)

Special Screening

Tokyo Photographic Art Museum, 1F Hall / 190 seats

Pコード 763-342

13. WATANABE Takuma, ECTO 14:00

¥2,500 (adv.) ¥3,000 (door)

13. WATANABE Takuma, ECTO 18:00

¥2,500 (adv.) ¥3,000 (door)


Tokyo Photographic Art Museum, 1F Hall / 190 seats

P-code: 763-341

The Imagination of Time

¥400 (adv.) ¥800 (door)

Special Event

Tokyo Photographic Art Museum, 1F Hall / 190 seats

P-code: 763-343

TAKATANI Shiro Screening + Talk

¥1,000 (adv.) ¥1,500 (door)

Live Event

The Garden Room / 180 seats

P-code: 763-344


¥2,500 (adv.) ¥3,000 (door)

Maison franco-japonaise Symposium

Auditorium of the Maison franco-japonaise / 110 seats

[Co-organized by the Maison franco-japonaise]
The Paralympic Games, Tokyo, 1964 - Screening and Lecture

Entry to the following symposium is free of charge, but a numbered ticket is required. Numbered tickets will be distributed starting on the day of the symposium at 5 PM at the 1st floor information desk of the Maison franco-japonaise.