中嶋興<span>(ゲスト・スピーカー)</span> NAKAJIMA Ko <span>(Guest Speaker)</span>

NAKAJIMA Ko (Guest Speaker)

Born 1941 in Kumamoto, lives in Tokyo. Graduated from Tama Art University, Department of Design. Initially worked as a designer and photographer, and won an Agency of Industrial Science and Technology Award at the Mainichi Industrial Design Competition. Shifted toward experimental animated film in the 1960s, and in 1971, created video art works and established Video Earth Tokyo. After developing a frame-by-frame video recording device, he continued to practice the connection between technology and creative expression through aspects of software and hardware, while at once creating works with a straight focus on nature and humanism. Representative works include ”My Life” and “Mt. Fuji,” which won a Prix Laser d’Or at the VideoArt Festival Locarno.