ジュアニータ・オンサーガ Juanita ONZAGA

Juanita ONZAGA

Filmmaker and visual artist. Born 1991 in Colombia, based in Brussels. Combines in her films elements of fiction and non-fiction, while touching upon the importance of memory, death and imagination. The results are poetic tales that reflect different ways of perceiving reality within strongly political contexts, and an intimate quest for mysticism, whereas the invisible complements and gives answers and meanings to the physical world. Her first short film The Jungle Knows You Better Than You Do premiered and won a Jury Prize for best short film at the Berlinale Generation 2017. It was also shown at San Sebastian, Cartagena, Busan and over 40 other festivals, winning the VAF wildcard and multiple awards. Onzaga has worked as a cinematographer and director on several short films, documentaries and video clips, and is currently preparing her first feature film.