池添俊 IKEZOE Shun


Born 1988 in Kagawa, grew up in Osaka. Creates works by reassembling private voice recordings and memories that he collects, to transform them into universal statements.  Jujuba (2018), illustrating the artist’s life with his Chinese stepmother, won an Award for Excellence at the Image Forum Festival 2018. See you in my dreams (2020), a movie that he made based on the voice of his grandmother and foster mother, was shown at the Marseille International Film Festival (FID Marseille) Flash competition, and subsequently toured around the world. What is it that you said?, made in 2021 while listening to his inner voice within daily life during the pandemic, was officially invited to the New York Film Festival and the Belfort International Film Festival (Entrevues Belfort) among others. In addition to movie screenings, his expansive activities have been showcased at such occasions as the art program “Contemporary tales from the province 8″ (Susaki Machikado Gallery, Kochi, 2021), and group exhibitions including “Until it gets dark” (Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, 2021).