小原真史 <span>(ゲスト・キュレーター)</span> KOHARA Masashi <span>(Guest Curator)</span>

KOHARA Masashi (Guest Curator)

Curator, associate professor at Tokyo Polytechnic University. As a researcher at the Izu Photo Museum, he curated exhibitions of works by Araki Nobuyoshi, Kojima Ichiro, Masuyama Tazuko and Miyazaki Manabu among others. Other exhibitions include “It’s a Small World: Imperial Festivals and Human Exhibitions” (Kyoto Museum of Crafts and Design, 2021). Also directed the movie The Man Who Became a Camera: Photographer Takuma Nakahira (2003), and authored/co-authored a number of publications including Visions of Fuji: An Incurable Malady of Modern Japan (Izu Photo Museum, 2012), Suspending Time: Life – Photography – Death (Izu Photo Museum, 2010), War and Postwar: Images of Japan As Seen in Hodo Shashin (Reportage Photography) (Heibonsha, 2015), and Detective in the Forest (Aki Shobo, 2017).