藤幡正樹 FUJIHATA Masaki


Media artist, born 1956 in Tokyo. Following a number of works made using computer graphics in the 1980s, in the ‘90s he began to incorporate more advanced technologies such as GPS and the Internet. Received a Golden Nica at the Ars Electronica Festival ‘96 for Global Interior Project #2, while Beyond Pages, focusing on interactive books, continued to be exhibited around the world since 1995. The “Field-Works” series that continued from 1992’s Impressing Velocity through 2012’s Voices of Aliveness, was a continuous exploration of new possibilities in recording and memory, focusing on the establishment of connections between real and virtual spaces through videos with added positional information (via GPS). In 2016, anarchive #6 Masaki Fujihata, an archive book showcasing the artist’s main works from the ‘70s up to the present using AR technology, was published in France. After presenting BeHere Hong Kong in Hong Kong in 2018, Fujihata commenced work on BeHere / 1942 as the latest installment in his project themed around memory and identity, recreating contents of archival photographs of various human activities by way of photogrammetry and AR. The work this time is about Japanese concentration camps in 1942.